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Play and toys become the world and words where children can express their thoughts and feelings and when words aren't enough.  Through play, a parent and therapist gets to learn what is going on in the life of the child.  Play allows children to find solutions to their problems, to develop effective coping skills and to improve the relationships with the adults in their lives. Play therapy helps children with different mental health issues such as ADHD, behavioral problems, anxiety, depression and others. In play therapy, children can learn social emotional skills, coping skills, and more. 
In the case of abuse, a child’s sense of safety becomes highly distorted when overwhelming events have been intense and/or repeated.  This affects deeper structures of the brain, especially with simple reminders of the frightening event. Through play therapy and other modalities, a child can heal from this experience and develop healthy coping skills. Play is the safe environment a child needs to heal.  



A teen faces many struggles in their quest to answer the big question: "Who am I?" A teen experiences many social pressures, decision-making issues, and physical growth changes.  As teens explore their identities, they experience feelings, confusions, and insecurities.  This time could be very challenging to teens and their families. With the support of a therapist, teens and their families can work together on strengthening their self-confidence, setting goals, and having healthy relationships.  Through games, sandtray, arts and crafts, teens can develop the skills needed to succeed in life.



Raising a child/teen is a very exciting time for any parent including many joys and struggles. Understanding how to talk to children/teens is vital in building a healthy and trusting relationship with them.  Parenting support can be the place where a parent can learn effective skills in raising their children/teens.  Circle of Security and Positive Discipline are a few of the modalities that address parenting concerns and how to manage them.

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At Austin Bilingual Therapy, you will find a safe and trusting place to explore your mental health concerns. We are providing online therapy sessions through a secure platform and in person therapy. 

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