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Individual Counseling

Seeking therapy is the beginning of a healing process that will lead to a more fulfilling life.  Establishing a therapeutic relationship with a therapist, finding the appropriate treatment, and doing the "work" are vital parts of the process. An important aspect of the healing process is taking into consideration cultural backgrounds such as our ethnicity or family culture we come from.  It is vital that we work with someone who can relate to us. We need a safe and trusting therapeutic environment, a non-judgmental therapeutic professional relationship and openness to work towards healing. It is possible to explore deeper issues such as abuse, family of origin struggles, and childhood trauma. 

Any life experience becomes a learning opportunity to find our true selves. Challenges and struggles that can build strength and resilience during the stages of our lives. It is important that we receive the support we need to keep moving in life. Change is possible when we focus on building connections between our hearts, mind, and body.


Inmigration Evaluations

Provide psychosocial assessments for immigration purposes. It is used to help immigrants document the harm suffered and the impact/ effect of that harm on the client and/or on his/her family. They are requested as part of the following immigration proceedings: U Visa, T Visa, VAWA, Asylum, Hardship (residency through a family member).

Couples Counseling

Couples explore how to strengthen their relationship with the support from their therapist.  They focus on open, clear, and honest lines of communication. They explore how their childhood experiences impact their current relationships and work together towards healing. They develop a healthy balance between independence and dependence. Couples’ counseling is the place to start growing together towards a stronger commitment.


A place to feel safe and heal...

At Austin Bilingual Therapy, you will find a safe and trusting place to explore your mental health concerns. We are providing online therapy sessions through a secure platform and in person therapy. 

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